welcome. To the craft gin theme park

THE HISAKA has two bars. The bar at the entrance is based on the image of an old store, and is a corner gin liquor store where you can casually enjoy and purchase gin.
The main bar has prepared a lot of cocktails that can only be enjoyed at HISAKA, using various techniques, based on the maker's desire to "drink gin in cocktails".
No other bar represents the fusion of world-class cocktails and craft gin.
Enjoy THE HISAKA to your heart's content.


Hiroyasu Ogura

In 2019, I opened "Bar Hisaka," a mere 4 tsubo space that specializes in craft gin.
Closed in 2022 due to building demolition.
The following year, in February 2023, it will reopen as "THE HISAKA".
I am active all over the world as a bar consultant and gin advisor, holding guest events in various places both domestically and internationally.



1F Sentoraruwaseda 3-8-5 Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to
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